• What are the ingredients? 

Please see each product for it's ingredients https://touches-by-tircuit-the-hair-studio.myshopify.com/collections/all

  • Does these products really work?

Yes, each product work. Results from Growth Oil are seen within 30 days. 

  • Are these products safe to use of kids?

Yes, all products are kid friendly and are made with all natural ingredients. 

  • Does these products work on any hair type & texture?

Yes, all products are designed to work with all hair types and textures. 

  • What makes your products different? 

TOUCHES BY TIRCUIT products are different because our products focus on strengthening and rejuvenating the hair. Many people suffer from damage or chemically treated hair and want health hair. Well, our products give you that restructure. The key ingredient in our shampoo, conditioner, hair masque and leave-in is the wheat & plant protein. This ingredient replenish the strength and resilience of the hair.